Flexibility for the Part-Time Real Estate Agent

As the local real estate market recessed over the past several years many Real Estate Agents have taken other jobs to supplement their loss of income. Conversely, many people looking to get into the Real Estate business have done so part time - by supplementing their current full-time job.

For most real estate offices, this part-time real estate agent is discouraged and not sought after. I have met with numerous people after they have had a face to face interview with traditional real estate brokerages. Traditional real estate companies often lack the resources & services to be able to train, connect, and lead part-time agents. Part-time agents have told me they feel like a 5th wheel when they walk into their traditional broker's office.

You see, most real estate brokerages use their weekly sales meetings to make announcements and keep their agents informed. We believe there is a better way to keep ALL agents connected.

I've also heard from part-time real estate agents that they struggle to have a place for their paperwork, a desk to work at, or access to quality training that works around their schedule. We've discovered a better way - paperless, online, and flexible.

I'd love to hear from you if you are a part-time real estate agent looking to work in an environment that supports you and your need for a flexible office environment. Email me at andy@guarantee.com , or connect with me on Facebook here.