4th Quarter Sales Contest Kickoff

Flex Agents -

Are you ready to have a great kickoff to the 4th Quarter?

Our sales contests are designed to recognize you for dollar producing activities. That's why we give you & your team points for: New Listings, New Pendings, Price Reductions, Holding an Open House, Offers Written, Close an Escrow, Being on time to our Productivity Meeting (online or in person) 10:00 a.m. Monday’s, Getting a buyer preapproved with Guarantee Home Loans, and for placing an outbound referral with Guarantee Relocation.

So, here's a few things I want to encourage you to focus on this next month. I am sure you have heard these things before, but let's focus on the strength in our disciplines:

#1) You must be in the business of generating new leads every day. If you are not generating leads, your are not generating income. What are the 3-4 ways you are going to generate leads in October?

#2) Focus on strong lead conversion. Generating a lead is the easy part . . . if you are consistently generating leads, are you setting appointments? Sometimes we wimp out and do not ask for the face to face appointment. Don't just setup a prospective buyer to receive leads via email - get them into the office for a buyer consultation appointment! If you are calling on Expired Listings - ask them if you can take 20-30 minutes and show them what Guarantee does to sell so many homes!

#3) Implement more systems to help you remain consistent. Consistency = Success! Start with your calendar - set non-negotiable, repeating appointments with yourself for the dollar producing activities that you need to be involved with every day. Namely - lead generation & lead follow up. Schedule it - don't let anything except an emergency interrupt those appointments.

#4) Do something for your mindset everyday. Once you have the skill, this business is 90% mindset. One of the best ways to have a positive, strong mindset is to get in control of your morning routine. Get up a little earlier, exercise (or at least stretch), read, pray/meditate, and eat a great breakfast. A strong mindset determines how strong your are in your prospecting, in your presentations, and in your ability to keep a level head when working through difficult escrows.

Focus on these 4 things in October and we can have a successful kickoff to the 4th Quarter of 2011! You deserve it!!