Real Estate Sales Meeting from the Gym!

Guarantee Real Estate's Flex Office video broadcasts every Productivity Meeting (our version of a Sales Meeting) so that the Flex Agents do not have to be in the office for every week's powerful, informative sales meeting.

Aurora Cabrera is an experienced agent at Guarantee's Flex Office. She successfully manages life's tasks being a mother of 2 beautiful kids, an REO Listing Agent, and staying physically fit. She shared with me that she loves watching our Productivity Meeting from her smart phone while at the gym!


Every Monday we send a link to each of our agents that they can bookmark, or click from our private Facebook group.

Flex Agents can watch live online, attend live, or watch the recorded version at their convenience.

Here's what Aurora has to say about her experience at the Flex Office:
Moving to Guarantee has been the best move in my real estate career. The Flex Office has given me the flexibility to work from virtually any place. I can be driving around or at my kitchen table and be able to attend our Monday meetings via online..from my computer or cell phone! All my transactions files are so much easier without the hassle of having to put files together..I dont even need a transaction co-ordinator..its as simple as sending an email. The Flex Office has really made it so easy for agents to do real estate, I'm not the most computer savy person but their paperless system is just so easy to work with and the best part is that once my file is complete - I can get paid that same day!!! And for those with REO business, uploading all that additional  paperwork and having it ready at the click of a button just makes doing business so much more efficiently. You're able to be more productive!