Real Estate Business Plan 2012

I recently recorded this video for the New Agents at Guarantee. However, this approach could be used for new agents & experienced agents alike. My approach to a real estate agent's business plan is a simple one.

1.) How much money do you want to make in 2012? Why is that important?

2.) What 4 lead generation systems will you use to generate business? (Watch the video for more thoughts on this)

3.) Is your schedule structured in such a way to support the dollar producing activities needed to accomplish your income goal?

Many agents in Guarantee's Flex Office meet with me regularly for coaching & accountability. For them, I ask them to go more in depth of the systems, processes, and commitments they need to make in order for their lead generation systems to produce at high levels. When we meet regularly, I hold them accountable to the things they have written down. What would that kind of accountability do for your business?

This is part 1 of 4 that I have recorded on designing your simple, Real Estate Business Plan for 2012. If you'd like parts 2-4, email me: & I'll forward you the links.