How to evaluate real estate technology

Fresno Real Estate agents frequently ask me about new technology they are considering for their business. Often times, the new technology is something I have heard about, tested, or declined using, and sometimes I have never heard of the widget.

In most cases, my response is simple - What do you want the technology to do for you?

Usually, it's the technology that enhances the allure of using it. I have purchased many tech toys on a whim after being seduced by the newness of it all, only to stop using it after the newness wears off.

So, for those of you who can exercise a little self-control, I've recycled 4 questions I believe you should consider when purchasing or implementing technology software or hardware for your real estate business.

1.) Does it support my lead generation systems? 
Technology most likely will not make your phone ring. It most likely will not replace you connecting with people and setting appointments, but it could supplement your efforts.

2.) Does it resonate with my audience?
If your prospects and past clients are not on Twitter, why would you buy an app for your iPhone to help you better connect with people on Twitter?
If your audience prefers phone or regular mail, why would you subscribe to a service to automatically email them a newsletter every month?

3.) Do I have the skills, time, and money to execute?
This is my favorite question. Usually, we lie to ourselves that we will make the time, or learn how to use the tool, or . . . worse yet  . . . dedicate just one commission check a month to paying for this and it'll help me grow.
Ask yourself this question before you buy and if you can't answer without convincing yourself, ask someone close to you to answer this for you!

4.) Over time am I getting a return on my investment?
Obviously this is a post purchase question, but a valid question nonetheless. I especially recommend considering this question if you have been paying for a technology service monthly and you haven't used it in a while, or you haven't received enough benefit.

In my belief, technology should help you save time or money or both.

So - what technology are you considering and how do these questions help you in that decision?