for Real Estate

I was recently turned on to - a social customer relationship management tool for bringing all your contacts & your communication with them as well as their activity on social media, in one place.

I have used similar tools like this before, but I have not liked how they had to integrated as an "add-on" to my Google email. It made my email run so much slower.

Nimble runs as a web application on their own site. So this allows me to function just like I would have Facebook open in another window - I have Nimble open as a reference point. Here's how it works:

Nimble aggregates all of your social media contacts from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as your Google Contacts into one location. The setup was super simple. However, I quickly found out that the FREE version only allows up to 3000 contacts. The paid version allows for 30,000 contacts and costs $15/month.

Once you have imported your contacts, the cool real estate tool is to be able to see what your contact is up to BEFORE you call them. You may also discover that you have their phone number or email, but they are on Facebook or Twitter and you haven't connected with them. You can quickly add them as a Friend right from within the application.

I also like how I can send them a quick message via email, Facebook messaging, or Twitter direct message directly from Nimble.

Check it out & let me know what you think!