Real Estate Time Management for the Busy Season

I met with a group of my top producers today to talk about their time management in the busy season of real estate. The market is hot right now in the Fresno area. Inventory is low and demand is high. As a result, it's easy to get caught up running from appointment to appointment, or stuck putting out fires on 2 or 3 escrows and the next thing you know . . . the day is gone. Then, in 30-45 days, new business is down and the busy season is not so busy anymore.

How do you avoid this?

2 simple ideas to implement

1.) If it's not in your schedule, it doesn't exist and never gets done.  So - SCHEDULE EVERYTHING! Personal stuff: gym time, reading time, getting ready time, date nights, etc.
Then schedule the dollar producing activities:

  • Prospecting, 
  • Lead Follow Up, 
  • Appointments, 
  • & Escrow Work
You can have what you want if you would simply follow a plan . . . in your schedule.

What are you using to keep a schedule? Google Calendar? On your phone? I believe it needs to be on you, wherever you go!

2.) Hour of Power Daily - in your prospecting time, follow this simple formula:
  • Make 5 new conversations with your past clients & center of influence database.
  • Make 5 new conversation with people you don't know (Expired's, FSBO's, Geographic Marketing, etc.)
  • Make 4 lead follow up conversations with your existing leads
Imagine for a moment, that you are doing this on a regular basis. What would your business look like? It would be more productive wouldn't it?