New Agent Success at the Flex Office

In 2013, Alejandra Charest completed her first year in real estate . . . and crushed it with over 40 homes sold. What's more impressive is that all of her transactions were individual buyers and sellers, not one person purchasing several and not a team of agents helping her pad her statistics. Alejandra did this on her own. Guarantee's CEO said, "Alejandra is a force to be reckoned with." Here's what Alejandra had to say about Guarantee and her manager, Andy Nazaroff:

It can often times be hard to quantify the importance of a good mentor and a strong established broker for a new real estate agent. In the field of real estate the turnover is not only high but it rivals even fast food companies and to me, that is where the importance of proper guidance really shines through. Andy was not only a fantastic mentor he was also a rock of stability in the early turbulent stages of my real estate career. It can truly be overwhelming in the first few months as days and weeks are spent with nothing to show for your efforts, but as Andy encouraged me to stick in there and continue to work I began to see the results of the hard work I had put in for real estate to pay off. My first transaction was nerve wrecking, but knowing that I had the support of an established broker and a great manager it lessened the fear as they made sure that each step was done in accordance with the law and that I did not make any major mistakes. That peace of mind is one of the major benefits that Guarantee brings to each new starting agent, it makes sure that you do not have to go it alone and that there will always be a team to help you along the way.
Well said Alejandra!