Flex Culture

The Culture at the Flex Office is all about the Agent. Guarantee Real Estate's management philosophy is an agent-centric, servant leadership model. You won't find us talking about Agent quota's or minimum standards in order to work at the Flex Office.

The Culture at the Flex Office is about your business and your goals. We believe that you, the agent are our customer and our job is to help you grow your business and encourage you to accomplish your goals.
Evidence of this culture can be found in our sales focused, no fluff Productivity Meetings every Monday at 10:00 or in our weekly, new agent Mentor Group meeting Tuesday's at 10:00. In both cases, we talk about Wins, Successes, what's working, and most importantly we ask, "How can we help?"

Guarantee's Flex Office Culture is committed to embrace technology as we have paperless transactions, communicate virtually, and tend to operate “in the cloud” of web based technologies. At Guarantee, we began this technological transition in preparation for this office in early 2010. Today, my.guarantee.com is the ONE location for all the basic online tools a REALTOR needs - email, calendar, MLS, transaction management, marketing forms & flyers, zipforms, as well as sales training videos & support material.

Lastly, the Flex Culture is one where we embrace marketing with new media outlets like blogs, social media, and creative, viral video.