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Connie Sanchez recently made my day:

 Jason "FresYes" Farris said -
I often get asked why I made the decision to work under the Guarantee name. While I can give many reasons, both personal and professional. The primary reason was to better my offerings to my clientele. I use a variety of blog sites, social networks, and other non-traditional methods to expose my clients homes to potential buyers. These methods have given my clients homes a global exposure like no other, and it has been fantastic. Yet I wanted more for them... I wanted depth and the best way I could do that was to team up with a local company whose name and history instills a sense of pride in its agents and a mark of credibility in a home with the mere hanging of a sign. So now my clients get the best of both worlds... I say it's a Guarantee and they say YES!
Here's how Jason made his move to Guarantee:

Leon Borunda said -

Shannon Mar said -
It's a great wide open space with super tech savvy people working here. It's also a place where you'll feel very welcome in an at-home atmosphere.

And of course....you can't go wrong going to work everyday in Fig Garden Village, the premier lifestyle shopping center in the Fresno-Clovis area!

Laura Corey said -
I love the steady stream of solid information and ideas that I can apply to my business.  It's not fluff, and none of my time is wasted with things that I can't use.

Ken & Carol Maul said -
The Flex Office is first and foremost, a very attractive office.    It is in the prime location of Fresno, and Fig Garden Village has always been and continues to be the best shopping in town.   It is close to the post office, lots of banks, a great market, drug store, Starbucks and all kinds of shops -- including Carol's hair stylist!

It is absolutely ideal for people like us who have always done more work out of our home than we did at the office.   For us, personally, it is so convenient because it is less than a mile from our home.  It is quiet and presents as a very comfortable, business-like space.

We really like the openness of our work area, and with spring and summer coming, the patios are going to be very, very nice!!   It is a pleasant atmosphere in which to bring clients.

A really great thing about the Flex office is the technology.   We have used Relay on and off for years -- and have always loved it.   To have all of our documents and all of our information in one spot is a tremendous advantage.   No matter where we are, we can access our information -- by only remembering our user name and password (and that is a reminder to us that we had better memorize them because we use a password manager all of the time!!).   We no longer need to carry a day-timer because we have all of our notes and information on Relay.  Being able to enter our own MLS material is an incredible advantage!!

But the greatest thing about the Flex Office is having Andy and Trevor right there!!  Their knowledge and their willingness to share that knowledge is amazing.   We learn new stuff almost every day.

We think that this concept is going to sweep over the real estate community -- and will truly be the office of the future.   We are really happy to be on the ground floor!!

And another review:

Moving to Guarantee has been the best move in my real estate career. The Flex Office has given me the flexibility to work from virtually any place. I can be driving around or at my kitchen table and be able to attend our Monday meetings via online..from my computer or cell phone! All my transactions files are so much easier without the hassle of having to put files together..I dont even need a transaction co-ordinator..its as simple as sending an email. The Flex Office has really made it so easy for agents to do real estate, I'm not the most computer savy person but their paperless system is just so easy to work with and the best part is that once my file is complete - I can get paid that same day!!! And for those with REO business, uploading all that additional  paperwork and having it ready at the click of a button just makes doing business so much more efficiently. You're able to be more productive!